Shane Wooten Stands Up for Christmas!

Ocala, FL December 19, 2011 Shane Wooten stands up for the Christmas holiday and states we have the freedom to call it Christmas and we should not have to call our Christmas tree a Holiday tree! While working in the studio with the Bellamy Brothers producing his last 2 singles, which will make the 6 pack of songs 4 of which are featuring the Bellamy Brothers, Shane decided to pen his first Christmas tune titled “Man I Love Christmas Time”. The song is written to the instrumental from his Florida hit “Shovel’n Sunshine” and incorporates the message of Christmas time through the journey of the season.

Furthermore, Shane states I wanted to write a tune that conveyed that Christmas is a holiday that has been celebrated for as long as I know in my family as it is in many other families throughout the world. The name Christmas is here to stay along with the Christmas tree, which will be standing in my house come Christmas morning. While I have no problem with other folks celebrating their holidays, I do have a big problem with folks trying to tell me how to celebrate mine!

“This is a great tune and the message behind it is even better, Shane states that its Christmas time and a Christmas tree and he has the right to celebrate it. And, call it what it is because he is American and has the right to! We like that here at the American Country Music Chart!” – ACMC

“This is a brilliantly written song that really bring out the Christmas spirit! – Paddy N IMRadio

P.S. Shane wants to give you a free copy just email shane@3ldr.com for a free copy a gift to you!

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