Bellamy Brothers Release iOS7 Mobile Apps

The Bellamy Brothers released an awesome iOS7 native app powered by VidPlat on to iTunes last week.  We gave it a test drive to see what the Platinum duo has been working on in the mobile media end of the spectrum. And, what we discovered was an awesome app, which looks beautiful on iPhone and iPad, while offering cutting  edge features.

For example, we were able to stalk their tour dates, purchase tickets to select events, watch their videos, review printed content and we even recorded a video shout out to the bros from the app and sent it in to them…

The second day we had the app downloaded we received a push message on our devices from the Bros thanking everyone for being one of the first to download their app and promising more content to follow. However, we may not have to wait long because we noticed they have streaming live on the app so at any time the Bellamy Bros could pop on and give us a glimpse into what’s going on either on the ranch or on their worldwide tour.

Download the app now on your Apple devices


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