Bellamy Bros Go #1 in Norway & Hold it Against Britney Spear’s Beautiful Body in the Same Day!?

Darby, FL – January 12, 2011 Amongst all the ruckus of Britney Spears stealing the Bellamy Brothers’ title from their #1 song from 1979 “If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body, Would You Hold It Against Me”, the Bellamy Brothers noticed that they went number one on the Norway Chart , knocking Pop star Rihanna out of the top spot.

The Brothers’ album Anthology Vol. 1 features a collection of number one hits, one of which is “If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body, Would You Hold It Against Me”, so could the Bellamy’s hold this against Spears?

A resounding no, would be the answer according to David Bellamy – We just got back from a highly successful tour in Switzerland where our BB&G album went Platinum. We were very excited to find that besides the Britney Spears war that’s been going on our album has charted above Rihanna, Michael Jackson, and Kanye West in Norway. And, we cannot understand why the publicity surrounding the Spears issue failed to mention the fact we are still very current and touring Worldwide annually performing over 180 shows.

The Brothers will be following up the successful Anthology Vol. 1 with the release of Anthology Vol. 2 later this year and stated that they are glad to see folks of all ages still enjoying their lyrics even if it is Britney Spears and her Beautiful body singing it.


Shane Wooten

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