ACMC Announces Contest Winner of Bellamy Brothers’ Beach House Giveaway!

The American Country Music Chart blew out the big #1 candle on its Anniversary cake this year and we want to say thanks for all that you have done to make the ACMC a success! We are contuning to add more content to keep you informed up to the second with what is going on in the World of Country music.

And, to celebrate our 1 Anniversary we are bringing you some awesome contest! Imagine chilling out and kicking back at one of Florida’s most exclusive beaches, while staying at the World famous Bellamy Brothers’ House! Road Trip anyone?! Check out the “Bellamy Brothers Beach House Giveaway” we partnered up with them and they are giving away a weekend at their Beach House, known as “Persuasion” in Seaside, FL near Panama City Beach. All you need to do is click here to visit: www.bellamybrothers.com and look for the link on their home page for details.

Also, the Shane Wooten Band is one of our spotlight artist and they want to help us celebrate by sending the first 100 people a digital download of their latest hit “Running with Redneck Crowd” featuring the Bellamy Brothers just “Like” their Facebook page! Click here

Please take a quick second to register to WIN the “Bellamy Brothers’ Beach House Giveaway” and to get your FREE digital download of Shane Wooten Band’s “Running with a Redneck Crowd” now!

P.S. We are adding a lot more to the site this year and we are excited to do so; however, will keep it a secret until everything is ready!


Thanks for joining the revolution! – ACMC


Congratulations to Christy Glover of Dallas, TX! Christy won the Bellamy Brothers Beach House Giveaway:)

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